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Wolfgang Gil is a Venezuelan-born American artist exploring the sculptural qualities of sound. Gil employs sound as a malleable material, one that can be stretched in all dimensions, encompassing height, width, and depth, with curves, edges, and changing geometries. His sound-emitting sculptures and room installations invite the audience to contemplate listening as a phenomenon, offering unique opportunities for the discovery of both the external space and our internal perception processes. Fusing the art object and the environment into an enveloping spatial experience, Gil’s work is only completed when the listener actively engages in a personal dialog with the sound and space. Gil has presented work in venues such as Art Miami Art Fair, Eyebeam (New York, NY), The Loop Festival (Barcelona, Spain), Diapason Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Harvestworks (New York, NY), Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY), ASPN Gallery (Leipzig, Germany), and the Subtropics Biennial (Miami, FL). | www.wolfganggil.com

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Aural Fields / Resonant Bodies I digital flyer