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Born in Plainfield, NJ, with a name as unique as Zunyda, it was already written that she wouldn’t lead an ordinary life. She thanks her mother Zunilda, a first generation Dominican in America, who has an eye for the abstract and vintage. She was a tailor and seamstress, and avid thrifter. Zunyda’s mother is known to be a gatherer of friends and family, and to have a work ethic out of this world to support her 6 children while signing them up for any opportunity she could find to enhance the quality of their life. Zunyda grew up in a household with no ceilings, not literally of course, but watching her mother move through the worlds obstacles in style without breaking a sweat definitely rubbed off on Zunyda consciously and subconsciously.

Staying true to her name Zunyda never did things the same , from making her own clothes in middle school to fulfilling orders for her classmates, taking trains and buses for internships hours away, to doing tailoring and seamstress work for some of the worlds most renowned artist, while also hosting monthly events for local artist to perform, express, vend and most importantly dance and let go of the weight of the world for a night. Self taught, motivated, model, artist, photographer, stylist, director, community organizer... whether you can say her name right or not, You will hear, read, see the name Zunyda again and again. |